Attract Clients and Grow Your Business

taught by Jo Soley

Attract Clients and Grow Your Business

Welcome to Attract Clients and Grow Your Business

I have created a 7-week online course for you to attract more clients and move your business to the next level of growth!

My unique 7-step process covers:

  1. CONNECTION – How to carve your message so it carries impact and your ideal client hears you
  2. How to identify your ideal CLIENTS and how this assists in the marketing process
  3. How to get total CLARITY on the biggest problems your ideal clients face and the solutions you provide
  4. How to CREATE a package staircase of products and services to get your clients results and reinvesting in you
  5. How to create CONSISTENCY in your marketing and branding
  6. How to ensure the CONTENT you are sharing with the world adds value, is consistent and persistent and carries strong calls to action
  7. How to CONVERT all of this into a steady flow of ideal clients to achieve the financial results that you desire for your business

You will learn about the key principles of marketing

To gain clarity on

➸ Your business
➸ Your message
➸ Your clients
➸ Your marketing

Without clarity in these areas, you won’t be able to move forward

Key features of the course includes:

➸ 7 modules of comprehensive online training
➸ Easy to address bite-size chunks
➸ Step-by-step weekly lessons
➸ One module at a time (so no overwhelm). However, the whole course is available at any one time – so you are able to complete it at your own speed.
➸ Functionality for you to review and reflect on all materials
➸ Action steps to take you to the next step to build your business
➸ Accountability in a private Facebook group with other heart-centred female business owners

If you are a heart-based female business owner and you want to get to grips with your marketing and….

➸ You want to work in a simple yet strategic way – not pray and spray marketing
➸ You want manageable bite-size chunks that make sense and get results
➸ You want to stop wasting time and money on marketing books, courses and shiny objects that are just sitting there
➸ You need someone to hold you accountable
➸ You are looking for a structured approach to plan and focus on your business and marketing
➸ You are looking for a flow of ideal clients into your business

Then you are in the right place!

I look forward to being a part of your marketing and entrepreneurial journey :)

To your success

Jo Soley 

Jo Soley
Jo Soley
Owner and Founder - Your Brilliant Business Angel

If you have any questions before enrolling in my course please feel free to email me on the email address below - I look forward to hearing from you. Jo